Master Project 2018

DM.M-MA-32, Master Project 2018 / WS 2018/19
Time: Di 16-18h (Plenum) / Do 10-16h (Seminar) / Room: 2.11.100

Master Project 2018

with Andrea Sick, Dennis Paul, Peter von Maydell, Petra Klusmeyer and Ralf Baecker

The Master Project 2018 consists of two parts. Every tuesday we will meet for a plenary to discuss the current state of your project. On each meeting two or three students will present their concept and the current state of its development and realisation. On thursday we will meet for a second time (only with Ralf and/or Dennis) to intensify the discussion and to focus on a broad range of practical, theoretical and design/art related aspects of your work (seminar). BOTH COURSES ARE MANDATORY!

Additionally Andrea will offer a reading circle bi-weekly on thursday from 14-16h.

Furthermore there will be three additional mandatory dates during the semester:

  1. Intermediate Presentation: In one extended plenum sessions we will have an extended presentation of you concept and the current state of your master projekt (beginning of 2019, details and exacted date will be given)
  2. Hochschultage Sneak Talks: february 2019 / each of the participants of the master project will give a short (approx. 5 min) presentation during the hochschultage 2019
  3. Final Presentation/Exhibition: On the second week of the new summer semester 2018 in april you have to present the outcome of your master project at the HfK. Each student will give a 5 minute presentation: the presentation can be realised with a video (that documents the project or visualizes the concept), a talk with/out projector or an other format that represents your project in an appropriate way. additionally each student can present her/his work (if required) in an exhibition

Master Project Plenary

  • every tuesday, 16:00 - 18:00
  • with Ralf, Dennis, Peter, Petra and Andrea
  • room 2.11.100
  • every week!
  • first meeting on the 16th of Octorber

Master Project Seminar

  • thursday, 10:00 - 16:00
  • with Ralf and/or Dennis
  • room 2.11.100
  • be-weekly / alternating with individual crtic
  • first meeting on the 18th of octorber

Roman Signer Exhibition visit in Hannover (Kestner Gesellschaft) 01.11.2018

Lectures + Introductions + Topics of Interest

  1. Algorithmic Cliches ( in Generative Art+Design ) @format(workshop) @person(dpp)
  2. Speculative Design @format(lecture) @person(dpp)
  3. An Economic Perspective on Interaction Design @format(lecture) @person(dpp)
  4. Art + Science @format(lecture) @person(rb)
  5. Interactive Art and its history @format(lecture) @person(rb)
  6. Matterialiality of Media and Mediality of Matter @format(lecture) @person(rb)
  7. Kinetic Art @format(lecture) @person(rb+dpp)

Skills + Workshops

  1. Simulating Installations @format(lecture) @person(rb+dpp)
  2. PCB design ( in KiCAD ) @format(workshop) @person(dpp)
  3. PCB design ( in Eagle) @format(workshop) @person(rb)
  4. Perfboard like a pro + soldering @format(workshop) @person(rb)
  5. SMD soldering @format(workshop) @person(dpp)
  6. OpenSCAD Introduction @format(workshop) @person(rb)

Master Project Reading Circle

  • tuesday, 14:00 - 16:00
  • with Andrea
  • be-weekly
  • first meeting on the 23rd of October

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